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Re: Non stick products do not have to be overheated to be le

Posted by davisscole on 3/12/06
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    >> Non stick products do not have to be overheated to be lethal.
    > First, I dont' have birds in my salon. I do friends hair at home
    > occasionally.
    > Second, some people will say they didn't overheat their pans, but
    > I've seen the way some people who have said that cook, and their
    > pans look like do do, discolored with grease burned all over them.
    > Third, I buy nice things, and dont' buy cheap pans from dollar
    > general or wal-mart. I buy pans that cook with minimal heating.
    > Fourth, I have gotten birds from people dirt cheap because they
    > were plucking, or biting, or whatever, and rehabilitated birds to
    > find them new homes. Let me tell you, all my birds are in good
    > health with no respiratory problems. I've turned pluckers into
    > fully feathered friends so dont' tell me I'm endangering my birds
    > health. Do you think I'm so stupid as to turn an oven on selfclean
    > with all the windows in the house closed? With or without teflon,
    > that is stupid.
    > So before you start blaming ALL nonstick products on these deaths,
    > look at the individuals using them because usually they are not
    > telling you the entire story. Or their just using cheap crap.

    I forgot to add that Dupont is not the only company with non-stick
    coating. Maybe it is just theirs that is the problem. There are
    several differant manufacturers for pots and pans, and they get their
    supplies from differant companies.

    I also forgot to add that I am truly sorry for your loss of
    your "friend's" birds. I really do wish they hadn't died. It just
    seems odd though that with over 100 birds that I have rehomed, that
    none of the ones in my environment were affected.

    And how many of you guys out there smoke?