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Re: I still say ..

Posted by LindaC in OK on 3/13/06
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    Shame on you if you use any non stick products in any environment
    where there are birds.

    Those other issues of plucking or whatever have nothing to do with
    this topic. They can recover from plucking and be rehomed with
    irritation from polymer fumes no matter how much is paid for a
    product. I too 'had' nicer pieces but I tossed it all. Did not give
    it away because most of my acquaintances have birds also and they
    mostly know better. The one lady hated to call me because she had
    gotten rid of all but the one pan and didn't want to admit it to me.

    What a horrid death for birds to suffer when it can be avoided.

    You seem too intelligent not to believe facts.