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Re: Chet Womack (

Posted by Donna Young on 11/24/09
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    On 10/10/07, Aunt Bea wrote:
    > On 10/10/07, Connie wrote:
    >> On 10/9/07, I ordered the whole set from Chet and never
    >> received an email or anything. I was looking forward to
    >> downloading the ebook but can't. Does anyone have his email
    >> address or a link I can find him with? Whats up with this?
    >> Connie
    > Hi Connie, You have just been inducted into the club. You
    > are certainly not alone. There are MANY people who have paid
    > for but havent received Bird Tricks product or any
    > commumication from that outfit. Heres a link and an email
    > address for you to try and get some results from them. Good
    > luck.

    Hello All Looks like I am the newest sucker. I was offended by
    his constant non stop selling jobs which drove me to find a page
    where I could vent my anger with his constant badgering and hard
    sell tactics.
    Now I see I have possibly been ripped off as well. I will call my
    credit card Co. and cancel my order ASAP. I no longer want to see
    his instructional videos anyway since I have grown to detest the
    man is just two short days.
    Maybe this is something the Better Business Bureau or U.S Postal
    Service needs to become aware of.Sounds like fraud to me.
    >> On 2/24/06, adrain wrote:
    >>> They never sent mine and I ordered all the tapes in
    >>> july.Never
    >>> gave my money back yet either.
    >>> Jim
    >>> On 2/23/06, Becky wrote:
    >>>> I ordered from him in Jan and did not recieve the
    >>> program in
    >>>> 3 weeks so I emailed the link that starts with questions
    >>> on
    >>>> the emails he sends. They sent me it out right away then
    >>>> this week they sent out another one. So I got two of
    >>> them.
    >>>> They seem to be unorganized.
    >>>> On 2/22/06, adrian wrote:
    >>>>> Has anyone ever orderd the training video from
    >>>>> I ordered it 3 months ago and still
    >>> havent
    >>>>> recieved it. Ive e-mail Mr. Wolmack 3 times with no
    >>>>> reply. The only phone number available leads to an
    >>>>> answering machine and ive left 3 messages again with no
    >>>>> reply. Im just wondering if anyone els has had trouble
    >>>>> with this company.

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