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Re: Chet Womack (

Posted by Jeannie on 2/21/12
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    On 10/10/07, Aunt Bea wrote:
    > On 10/10/07, Connie wrote:
    >> On 10/9/07, I ordered the whole set from Chet and never
    >> received an email or anything. I was looking forward to
    >> downloading the ebook but can't. Does anyone have his email
    >> address or a link I can find him with? Whats up with this?
    >> Connie
    > Hi Connie, You have just been inducted into the club. You
    > are certainly not alone. There are MANY people who have paid
    > for but havent received Bird Tricks product or any
    > commumication from that outfit. Heres a link and an email
    > address for you to try and get some results from them. Good
    > luck.
    Oh my, I ordered all the Cd's on birds and a few other things.
    Received them all in great time. I have also asked them many
    questions about my birds and they always answer me. I have
    ordered foods and toys. Satisfied with all
    So I have NO clue what the problem is. I even got a new trick
    in the mail today to teach my birds..
    >> On 2/24/06, adrain wrote:
    >>> They never sent mine and I ordered all the tapes in
    >>> july.Never
    >>> gave my money back yet either.
    >>> Jim
    >>> On 2/23/06, Becky wrote:
    >>>> I ordered from him in Jan and did not recieve the
    >>> program in
    >>>> 3 weeks so I emailed the link that starts with questions
    >>> on
    >>>> the emails he sends. They sent me it out right away then
    >>>> this week they sent out another one. So I got two of
    >>> them.
    >>>> They seem to be unorganized.
    >>>> On 2/22/06, adrian wrote:
    >>>>> Has anyone ever orderd the training video from
    >>>>> I ordered it 3 months ago and still
    >>> havent
    >>>>> recieved it. Ive e-mail Mr. Wolmack 3 times with no
    >>>>> reply. The only phone number available leads to an
    >>>>> answering machine and ive left 3 messages again with no
    >>>>> reply. Im just wondering if anyone els has had trouble
    >>>>> with this company.