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Re: NO Flying Here!!

Posted by Elizabeth on 3/22/06
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    Yes, not all, but ALOT of birds can fly when clipped. Think the
    lighter birds - tiels, conures, macaws, cockatoos - clipped
    properly when they can fly when scared startled enough to fly
    just the same. (Greys because of their heaviness/clumsiness
    *generally,not all* need less flight feathers clipped to prevent
    from falling and breaking their keel bones, while my bare eyed
    female could FLY clipped or not. When she was not able to
    control her descent etc as well, for us, having her clipped is
    the best option. When she is out the doors are LOCKED no one can
    walk in and let her out and windows are CLOSED. This works for
    her and us. We have others that are CLIPPED because that is what
    is best for I said no one size fits all answer.

    While no they do not fly like a flighted bird - but they can fly
    which means one must be prepared for this, flighted or not. The
    dangers of a scared bird can put them in places that you thought
    were safe, to find out they are not.

    Also, flying from being startled be more scary for a bird that
    was never fledged as a baby. They may not be able to properly
    direct their flight/descent which leads them into scary

    Fledging is very important of raising baby birds - allowing them
    to master flying, the ability to land, take off, hover etc.
    allow them the long term knowlegde to fly. Many birds suffer
    behavior problems from not fledging, it has been shown that it
    is an important part of making a confident healthy bappy.

    Like I said this is NOT a one size fits all issue. I firmly
    believe that both have PROS and CONS. It depends on each home,
    the bird themselves and PAST. Many abused birds have gotten back
    self-confidence being flighted. At the same time past abuse
    victimes, birds, have been helped to be rehabbed by being
    flighted... EACH person has to examine their situation and even
    what they are comfortable with. If you are not comfortable with
    a flighted bird, that is fine, it would NOT make sense to have a
    flighted bird then and vice versa. :-)

    Have a nice day Everyone~
    On 3/22/06, Kitty.J wrote:
    > On 3/21/06, elizabeth wrote:
    >> Agree to disagree. Pros and cons for both exist, this is not
    a what
    >> works for me will work for you, or even one works for one
    bird will
    >> work for all.
    >> Some birds that need an extra emotional boost (agression etc)
    >> greatly from being clipped. (Birds do fine with windows if
    they are
    >> taught properly) It also helps to prevent muscle atrophy for
    >> to able to use their wings.
    >> Clipping wings can also help to tame a wilder minded bird
    >> (agressive/helping to tame/train), help to establish the
    person as
    >> the "leader" as they can not fly away.
    >> Clipped or not the same hazards exist - a clipped bird can
    >> fly. All the hazards that are out their for unclipped birds
    apply to
    >> clipped birds. Clipped birds and non-clipped alike still have
    >> hazards that are the same - flying away when startled etc.
    >> Clipped birds also can not always get themselves out of
    >> (landing on the floor in a multi species pet home). Other
    people are
    >> more confident and able to establish a relationship with a
    >> bird with clipped wings.
    >> Birds with clipped wings can be helpful with some behavior
    >> Both have pros and cons. NO one answer is right or wrong -
    this is
    >> VERY personal decision. Clipping a birds wings is NOT wrong
    >> neither is leaving them clipped.
    >> On 3/21/06, Kitty.J wrote:
    >>> so if your birds seem UNcertain and unconfident with clipped
    >>> i say you are not training and loving your bird right.
    >>> >>> I Meant to say with clipped wings, if your birds feeling
    down with
    >>> flighted wings i say their is something wrong there
    > Okay i agree with a lot of what you say but, you say a clipped
    > can fly? Are you sure, the reason why we clip is to prevent
    > flying, and my birds can flutter but that is way different
    from the
    > graceful flying. And i agree, my tame birds made my untame
    pair of
    > budgies semi tam ethey fly to me whenever my tame birdies are
    on me
    > and i can move around just not try to grab them.

    On 3/16/06, LindaC in OK wrote:
    > No flying here and no roaming. Their space is in and on their
    > cages or playgym unless transported by me.
    > #2 cause of death in pet birds is not clipping them and I am
    > an advocate for doing just that.
    > There are about a bazillion (for want of a true number) birds
    > lost in the USA alone with people not clipping or allowing
    > feathers to grow out just a tad and not trimming fast enough
    > and birds escape. I am an active member of 911ParrotAlert for
    > lost and found birds and see the tragedys of not clipping.