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Re: VA ,FL Legband & Breeder Info Needed

Posted by Linda M on 3/24/06
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    Thank you for the recommendations; I will certainly take your
    advise. By the way, the breeders full name was Susan Fox,
    located at 108 W Cameron St in Culpepper, VA. Maybe she relocated?

    My bird was lost in the Orange/VillaPark area in Orange County
    on 12/20/05. But I remain ever hopeful Thanks for the input.


    On 3/24/06, LindaC in OK wrote:
    > Well Linda with quakers not legal in CA I am happy to know
    > you found the one to give a secure home to.
    > I am truly sorry you have lost your own and pray you find it.
    > Contact L&M leg bands to ask questions but I have heard they
    > aren't as friendly about this as they were when a Jennifer
    > was working for them. She was wonderful.
    > also go to, look for avian connection
    > and follow through for the breeders you are looking for.
    > You never know you might find them there.
    > Where are you in CA so I can keep my eyes open here on the
    > computer? Prayers your way.
    > LindaC