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Re: Baby Quakers

Posted by LindaC in OK on 4/29/06
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    On 4/29/06, Jody wrote:
    > I just wondering if anyone knows a breeder in the
    > Massachusetts area with babies available.

    Hi Jody,

    Call your avian vet to ask about breeders in your area.

    Remember q babys are never truly weaned and will take the
    night time comfort feeding just about forever. My Lilo is
    almost 3 and has formula in a syringe 2 or 3 nights a week.
    When she sees it coming she says 'yummy'.

    If you don't know about feeding fresh veggies let me know.
    Very important for healthy birdies.

    My daughter has 2 split to blue babys if you don't object to
    shipping....... Delta is wonderful. Green Q eggs are due to
    hatch after the first. Not sure what date. Oh boy Babys :-)

    She needs to update her site but you can clik on the link to
    see other quaker babys from last year and some of the
    parents. / just found the 2 babys on another page of hers.
    It's the 2 green/split to blue at the bottom of the page.

    I am caring for the aviary for the week end so I best get
    out there with cooked brown rice, mashed hard boiled egg and
    a couple cheerios for each. Love those birds ~~~~~~ Only
    adults are in the aviary she has the babys at her house.