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Re: When can I take my baby quaker a bath

Posted by LindaC in OK on 5/26/06
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    On 5/25/06, Rachel wrote:
    > I have a 5 week old baby quaker and he is learnig things
    > so fast. He seems to want to take a bath, but I don't want
    > to get him sick
    > How old does he have to be to take his first bath.

    At his age he isn's quite full feathered so maybe in a
    couple of weeks. That is about the same time they are no
    longer in the brooder at night and for long afternoon
    naps... I certainly hope this is the case that it is in a
    brooder for those 2 things... He/she won't wean for a very
    long time at about 3 months old BUT they really enjoy a
    night time comfort feeding of formula with syringe just
    about forever. My Lilo is almost 3 years old and has hers 2
    or 3 times a week. PLEASE tell me you are handfeeding.

    He/She will fledge any day now and must be allowed to fly,
    maneuver under doorways and land gracefully before 8
    feathers are clipped on each wing. This takes from 3 to 7
    days to accomplish.