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Re: Quaker proven pair wanted

Posted by LindaC in OK on 6/16/06
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    since you want a proven pair it seems they would be put into
    a breeding situation right away and that's not a good idea.

    Take your time starting with vet visit and get them onto a
    healthy diet. quakers will breed when they are ready and
    maybe never even if proven before. I have pairs here that
    are saying 'that's enuff' and that's okay they are here to
    stay. I don't shuffle birds around once they are here. Too
    many do that and unsuspecting people then end up with a
    screaming bird.

    A blue quaker is no less than $300 and a split can be that
    or a tad less so that is a very expensive website.

    wishing you well,


    If you have questions about diet don't hesitate to ask. I
    check here every day or so but the board is slow lately.