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Re: Quaker proven pair wanted

Posted by Dave on 6/16/06
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    On 6/16/06, Tiffany wrote:
    > So are you saying that if I get a *Proven* pair just to breed them? I
    > would never seperate them when they are already bonded. Breed them and
    > take the babies when old enough and socialize them. I really
    > appreciate all your advise. It's very helpful.
    > Tiffany

    Yes, that's my point. It's fine to have a breeder pair of parrots as
    long as you realize that they only have deep affection for each other.
    > If you want the pair to have a clutch, fine as long as you realize
    that the *pet quaker* is gonna be one of the offspring. Another thing---
    you say you're looking for a *proven pair of quakers*. Well that means
    that they will definitely be adults when you purchase them and it's
    extremely difficult to change the personality of any adult parrots.
    Being adults and being successful only means that the previous owners
    kept the birds strictly for breeding purposes. Separating a breeder
    pair from each other can cause a severe reaction in either bird. You
    would be taking away a loved one. Listen, go to the For Sale section on
    Birdmart. Start looking at all the birds for sale. When you come across
    breeder parrots, you'll notice that they're being sold as pairs. That
    goes for all different parrots. Look, get yourself some young quakers
    so they can grow up in a household that's run by you, not either's
    mate. As far as trading for a website, i know nothing about it so I
    won't comment--------Dave
    > On 6/16/06, Dave wrote:
    >> On 6/16/06, realisticly speaking wrote:
    >>> On 6/16/06, Tiffany VanKirk wrote:
    >>>> Hi LindaC,
    >>>> I didn't mean for anyone to think that I wanted them just for
    >>>> breeding. They will have a forever home no matter what. But yes
    >>>> I would like to breed them and I welcome any advice you offer.
    >>> I
    >>>> plan on doing everything you suggested first and making them
    >>>> feel they are a part of our family because they are. I have
    >>>> wanted Quakers for a long time now and we finally own our own
    >>>> home and have the room for them to fly and play. Do you have a
    >>>> website or have you checked into getting one. It would cost
    >>> you
    >>>> alot more than 1000.00 from what all my husbands clients tell
    >>>> us. And if more breeders got websites it would be easier to
    >>> tell
    >>>> the scams from real avaries and breeders and hopefully the
    >>>> scammers would leave the ad boards. If you don't have a website
    >>>> do you mind me asking why not? I'm a stay at home mom and have
    >>>> the time to spend with my birds. My husband offered to do a
    >>>> website (he doesn't like the scammers either) Because I have
    >>>> been saveing for along time my pets and bills come before
    >>>> saving. So I hope you understand where I am coming from now.
    >>>> Thank You
    >>>> Tiffany VanKirk
    >>>> On 6/16/06, LindaC in OK wrote:
    >>>>> since you want a proven pair it seems they would be put into
    >>>>> a breeding situation right away and that's not a good idea.
    >>>>> Take your time starting with vet visit and get them onto a
    >>>>> healthy diet. quakers will breed when they are ready and
    >>>>> maybe never even if proven before. I have pairs here that
    >>>>> are saying 'that's enuff' and that's okay they are here to
    >>>>> stay. I don't shuffle birds around once they are here. Too
    >>>>> many do that and unsuspecting people then end up with a
    >>>>> screaming bird.
    >>>>> A blue quaker is no less than $300 and a split can be that
    >>>>> or a tad less so that is a very expensive website.
    >>>>> wishing you well,
    >>>>> LindaC
    >>>>> If you have questions about diet don't hesitate to ask. I
    >>>>> check here every day or so but the board is slow lately.
    >>> Keep saving cuz no that I know will trade birds for a website.
    >>> Espically blue quakers. And I've been into birds for over 30
    >>> years. I get offers from lots of people [aquaintances] for free
    >>> websites. Good luck
    >> Because it hasn't been mentioned yet, I should tell you that it's
    >> possible that the *proven pair* you get will never be friendly with
    >> you or your other family members. A *proven, bonded pair* has very
    >> little connection to people. They're *proven* simply because they
    >> bonded to each other with no human interference. Separating a
    >> breeder pair will only cause aggressiveness towards you. Keeping
    >> them together and with you trying to interact with them will only
    >> cause the male to become extremely protective of the female and
    >> become extremely aggressive and they will both seriously bite. When
    >> they bite they puncture and many quakers like to hold on to the
    >> skin while they're biting and not let go. Am I putting a damper on
    >> a *proven pair*?? I hope so because it's much wiser to buy a quaker
    >> or two that can be pets to the owners. There's a world of
    >> difference between breeder parrots and pet parrots and that applies
    >> to most species of parrots.-----Dave