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Re: Quaker proven pair wanted

Posted by phil/wild on 6/16/06
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    Linda those are the most beautiful babies I've seen. Wow great photo.


    On 6/16/06, LindaC in OK wrote:
    > It's good to see others here posting opinions and advice. ~~ Waving ~
    > I bought several breeder pairs and it's true they are bonded to each
    > other with little to no human contact after weaning. Of course I
    > don't consider a q ever weaned and my 3 year old Lilo has formula from
    > a syringe 2 or 3 evenings a week. She sees it coming and says 'yummy'
    > plus it makes giving meds so very easy. I sent formula and syringe
    > with each quaker and tiel baby and there was no guessing if there was
    > regression they just aren't quite through the process with tiels and
    > never through with q's. I've lost 3 adults in the last few years and
    > whether wild caught or previously handfed by someone else turned
    > breeder I cried my heart out. I am truly happy to hear you don't
    > seperate bonded pairs. It breaks my heart to hear birds shuffeled
    > around for whatever reason and no one giving a rats patootie how they
    > feel. ^ good word :-)
    > As for a website I never wanted one. Through groups and word of mouth
    > I always had such a list for my babys that's all I needed. My
    > daughter has one she did herself. I turned the aviary over to her
    > last year in case I didn't say that already. Clik on the link to see
    > her birds. Clik on Jades talent page to hear my grandchild bird. :-)
    > He was the first hatched q baby here 6 1/2 years ago and a real hoot.
    > You can hear what good things can happen with time and patience. He
    > was so hormonal a couple of years ago she decided to try him at play
    > time with a girl bird he had gotten along with ... He was in a bath
    > container and said 'kiss my foot' and she bit him not once but 3
    > different times. Jeannie decided not to listen to him saying 'I got a
    > boo boo' after that and gave up. He is destined to be a bachelor but
    > she/aptly named Nipper is now lovie dovie with Maurice a split to
    > blue/split to cinnamon.
    > I just came in from the aviary since it is in my care this week while
    > Jeannie and family are camping. They had fresh veggies this morning
    > and were happy to see me with birdie bread with frozen veggies. I
    > also have her 6 tiel babys for hand feeding and *zooooom* the last one
    > to fledge is probably getting clipped in the morning....... He/she is
    > landing pretty darn good so it's time. Whether tiels or quaker babys I
    > love this time in the photo where they have had hand feeding and just
    > hang out and climb around a bit before going back in weaning cage.
    > Sure I could talk birds all night :-)
    > LindaC