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Re: Quaker proven pair wanted

Posted by Meeko's Mom on 6/16/06
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    I love the little "MBS" Hadn't heard that one before ! LOL I started out
    with ONE cockatiel. I now have 19 birds !!! African Grey, Blue Front Amazon,
    Sun Conure, 7 Double Yellow Head Amazons, 3 cockatiels, 2 quaker parrots, 2
    rosy bourkes, 2 lutino parakeets.

    On 6/16/06, LindaC in OK wrote:
    > For myself it has always been for the love of the birds. I have given
    > away more birds than I've ever sold. There certainly has been no overall
    > profit but the little bits I did make when a baby was sold went back in to
    > help buy food of all sorts.
    > My aviary alone cost about $9,000 and I knew I would never recoup that
    > amount. IF my blue and split to blue had cooperated I might have seen
    > daylight but quakers will mate and lay eggs for production ONLY on their
    > terms. I had it in my mind the breeders would enjoy the outside thus my
    > design with 5 smaller flights on one side and 2 larger on the other.
    > There is a/c for summer and heater for winter. Didn't know I would have
    > health issues that would prevent me from continuing of course. One day my
    > daughter will take the birds to her house and that will leave an empty
    > spot in my heart although I can see them often.
    > Anyway as Dave said get yourself 2 unrelated babys, raise them as healthy
    > pets then it's okay to put them together when they are both 2 years old.
    > Up until that time they are building calcium to their system and it's not
    > fair to deplete that for them to make eggs. They won't stay pets even
    > when not in breeding phase but you would know they are healthy. You have
    > to remember there is no guarantee any 2 birds will like each other even if
    > raised together.
    > Birdies are all asleep for the night so time for me to get some dinner.
    > It's late I know and it works for me.
    > nite all,
    > LindaC
    > Oh I started out with birds in the house, then a few in an old aviary but
    > just had to get more. lol MBS = Multiple Bird Syndrome is a disease I
    > want you to know.