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Re: is plucking a mating habit?

Posted by Question? Linda? on 7/03/06
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    On 7/03/06, LindaC in OK wrote:
    > He could be pulling feathers to make a nest as quakers do.
    > Provide him with soft sticks like the ends from millet spray
    > for building. If you are breeding them that is. If not
    > intentional a male/female in a cage will mate anyway with
    > probable subsequent fertile eggs and babys to follow.
    > I would give them a bath container every morning to see if
    > her getting a good soak he might be discouraged. You can
    > put 1/3 aloe juice (available at Walmart) / 2/3 water for a
    > bit of comfort and healing.
    > photo is a typical building situation in the wire
    > surrounding the nest box. It's amazing what they can get in
    > there and how they weave the pieces of SAFE grasses and
    > millet stems.
    > If you are breeding them I hope they are both close to 2
    > years old so they are mature enough to know what to do. If
    > you want more info sing out and I will check back later.
    > happy thoughts,
    > LindaC

    what would unsafe grasses be?