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Re: love birds and their eggs

Posted by Jessica on 7/12/06
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    It is highly possible that the lovebird that your
    granddaughter was given really was four months old at the
    time. Lovebirds reach sexual maturity when they are 10 - 12
    months old, and her little lovebird is right in that age
    range. This is when females are able to lay eggs.

    The following link is to the ALBS (African Lovebird Society)
    website. They have a question/answer page on their website
    that addresses many common questions. This is one of them,
    so the link is directly to the answer that discusses egg
    laying in pet lovebirds.

    Good luck!

    On 7/11/06, margie wrote:
    > i have a love bird that was given to my granddaughter at
    > christmas and it was 4 maonths old at that time ( they
    > ok she is now 11 months old and she just laid two eggs in
    > corner of her cage what should I do? there is no male her
    > for her

    ALBS: What to Do About Egg Laying Pets?