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Re: Mutations

Posted by bud on 7/14/06
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    On 7/14/06, LindaC in OK wrote:
    > Hi Bud,
    > I don't do much in genetics but you can clik on the link for
    > a bit of explanation. You can also go to
    > to get Toms email address to ask him. He is really great to
    > help and has been into mutations for over 50 years.
    > good luck,
    > LindaC and Lilo
    > ps there are several more in the outside/inside aviary that
    > I turned over to my daughter. some pairs and some retired
    > like me. :-)
    Thank you for the info Linda. I was able to learn from the
    first site and will also check out the Quakerman. Thanks again.