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Post: Help with new addition to the family

Posted by Sara R. on 8/10/06

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    Hi everyone!!! I have a cockatiel and I usually visit
    that chatboard, but we have a new addition to our family
    today. My boyfriend and I took in a Quaker today that is
    being treated for plucking. He has to wear a collar and
    has been staying in a big, clear, plastic bin while he has
    the collar on. We will be giving him plenty of time
    outside of this bin, but I guess the vet thinks it is
    better to use this bin as his cage while he is in the
    collar. We want to make things as comfortable as possible
    for him when he is in the bin, and I was wondering if
    anyone might have some experience with or ideas about
    this . I am trying to situate perches on the bottom of
    the bin, but am concerned about them not staying in place,
    and also want to figure something out to avoid what we
    call "poop foot" I don't want the poor little guy walking
    around in poop. If anyone has ideas that might help make
    Chewy(that's the cuties'name) more comfortable, they would
    be much appreciated-thanks, Sara R.

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