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Re: Help with new addition to the family

Posted by Sonoma on 8/10/06
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    On 8/10/06, Sara R. wrote:
    I am trying to situate perches on the bottom of
    > the bin, but am concerned about them not staying in place,
    > and also want to figure something out to avoid what we
    > call "poop foot" I don't want the poor little guy walking
    > around in poop. If anyone has ideas that might help make
    > Chewy(that's the cuties'name) more comfortable, they would
    > be much appreciated-thanks, Sara R.

    Bend coat hanger wire around the ends of the perches to make
    a sort of "A" shaped frame at each end so the perch will sit
    off the floor.

    Look at those recessed ceiling light gratings at the local
    DIY store (Lowes/Home Depot) for the floor. Some are like a
    checkerboard pattern and about 3/8 inch thick but plastic is
    easy to saw with any wood saw.

    Sand the top of the grating so it isn't sharp to birdie toes.