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Re: Help with new addition to the family

Posted by Fran on 8/11/06
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    On 8/10/06, Sonoma wrote:
    > On 8/10/06, Sara R. wrote:
    > I am trying to situate perches on the bottom of
    >> the bin, but am concerned about them not staying in place,
    >> and also want to figure something out to avoid what we
    >> call "poop foot" I don't want the poor little guy walking
    >> around in poop. If anyone has ideas that might help make
    >> Chewy(that's the cuties'name) more comfortable, they would
    >> be much appreciated-thanks, Sara R.
    >Sara, I would recommend a free standing polly pastel perch
    and dri dek for the bottom. This is what I used for a
    handicapped cockatiel and it worked great (recommended by my
    vet). I am posting links to both, you should be able to buy
    the perch at any large pet supply store, but you may have to
    order the dri dek. Good luck with your new baby.