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Re: Its not legal here in Ca

Posted by Debbie on 8/22/06
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    Are most of them territorial?? I ask because people are always asking
    me about different things and different types of birds.
    I really dont know much or really anything about the quakers.
    I have only been to OKLA. once a few years ago to see family back
    there but I loved the slower pace and much friendlier people there for
    sure. The tornados I can do without YES I am a big chicken when it
    comes to that so here in Calif. I will stay for now and put up the BS
    of the state but I'm not saying forever thats for sure!! Its getting
    worse here sad to say :0(

    On 8/21/06, LindaC in OK wrote:
    > Hi Debbie, Now I know why I moved from Salinas, CA here to
    > Oklahoma :-) I know of course they aren't legal there due to old
    > old laws. It's okay for all the crows and starlings to eat a
    > percentage of the crops but not quakers should they get loose and
    > form a feral colony.
    > They can be sweet but are a most territorial little one. My own
    > Lilo included.