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Re: fighting birds

Posted by Dave on 8/23/06
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    On 8/23/06, Cheri wrote:
    > On 8/23/06, Dave wrote:
    >> On 8/23/06, Cheri wrote:
    >>> Hello.. About eight months ago I took in a male and female
    >>> the lady told me they had to stay together, I noticed
    >>> after time all they did was fight she was so mean to him..
    >>> finally she bit his foot really bad! i said thats enough
    >>> and have separated them and looking to place her..She is
    >>> very aggresive. Since I have removed her ,,He is a total
    >>> love.. he now lets me hold him and take him everywere I go
    >>> I can kiss him... She on the other hand seems very madd I
    >>> wrap her in a towel and try to hold her.. will she ever
    >>> come around.. any suggestions.. I dont feel kiwi is safe
    >>> around her.
    >> Keeping 2 quakers together, especially a male and a female
    > is
    >> a very bad idea. Your female that's generally nasty will
    > only
    >> get nastier. The question about her ever coming around can't
    >> be answered. All birds have different personalities, even in
    >> the same species but if there IS any chance of her becoming
    >> friendlier she will have to be worked with in her own cage.
    >> If you intend to try that don't put time limits on how long
    >> it'll take to make her friendlier------Dave
    > Hello Dave,,
    > Oh wow! I had only had cockateils and Lovebirds before a gal
    > who said she was part of Bird rescue brought these Two to me
    > caged together and she told me THEY CANNOT BE SEPARATED!! I
    > could never understand that because she would just beat the
    > crap out of him... Katie is MEAN and poor Kiwi.. Oh I feel so
    > bad now and wish I would of known about this earlier , Now
    > that Katie is out of the cage , Kiwi has turned into a huge
    > love.. Katie on the other hand is still mean even though I let
    > her out put her on the tree gym she still is so mean , I
    > coddle her in a towl talk to her and pet her head... Oh thank
    > your for that information,, I never knew... Question, do two
    > of the same sex get along better?
    > Thank you agian for all your help
    > Cheri

    Quakers get along with each other in different ways. If a person
    has a male and a female and they both like each other alot and
    they're both in the same cage, chances are that the male will get
    extremely aggressive with the human owner if that person
    interferes with the cage or the female in any way. Inside of a
    cage, male quakers are very possessive and are even more
    possessive when there's a female around. Sometimes, a person
    can't even put their hand in the cage without getting bitten.
    Because of their different personalities it's hard to say whether
    one sex will get along with another bird of the sex. Sometimes,
    yes. Sometimes, no. My opinion is that they should be kept in
    their own cages except for the time they socialize together on
    playstands during the day. Other people feel differently but I've
    dealt with quakers both now and in the past and that's how i've
    developed my feelings. I have 1 male and 1 female and they have
    to be kept separate from each other. If they were together, both
    of their personalities would change drastically. I learned the
    hard way.-------------Dave