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Re: fighting birds

Posted by Cherimcmac on 8/23/06
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    On 8/23/06, Dave wrote:
    > On 8/23/06, Cheri wrote:
    >> On 8/23/06, Dave wrote:
    >>> On 8/23/06, Cheri wrote:
    >>>> Hello.. About eight months ago I took in a male and female
    >>>> the lady told me they had to stay together, I noticed
    >>>> after time all they did was fight she was so mean to him..
    >>>> finally she bit his foot really bad! i said thats enough
    >>>> and have separated them and looking to place her..She is
    >>>> very aggresive. Since I have removed her ,,He is a total
    >>>> love.. he now lets me hold him and take him everywere I go
    >>>> I can kiss him... She on the other hand seems very madd I
    >>>> wrap her in a towel and try to hold her.. will she ever
    >>>> come around.. any suggestions.. I dont feel kiwi is safe
    >>>> around her.
    >>> Keeping 2 quakers together, especially a male and a female
    >> is
    >>> a very bad idea. Your female that's generally nasty will
    >> only
    >>> get nastier. The question about her ever coming around can't
    >>> be answered. All birds have different personalities, even in
    >>> the same species but if there IS any chance of her becoming
    >>> friendlier she will have to be worked with in her own cage.
    >>> If you intend to try that don't put time limits on how long
    >>> it'll take to make her friendlier------Dave
    >> Hello Dave,,
    >> Oh wow! I had only had cockateils and Lovebirds before a gal
    >> who said she was part of Bird rescue brought these Two to me
    >> caged together and she told me THEY CANNOT BE SEPARATED!! I
    >> could never understand that because she would just beat the
    >> crap out of him... Katie is MEAN and poor Kiwi.. Oh I feel so
    >> bad now and wish I would of known about this earlier , Now
    >> that Katie is out of the cage , Kiwi has turned into a huge
    >> love.. Katie on the other hand is still mean even though I let
    >> her out put her on the tree gym she still is so mean , I
    >> coddle her in a towl talk to her and pet her head... Oh thank
    >> your for that information,, I never knew... Question, do two
    >> of the same sex get along better?
    >> Thank you agian for all your help
    >> Cheri
    > Quakers get along with each other in different ways. If a person
    > has a male and a female and they both like each other alot and
    > they're both in the same cage, chances are that the male will
    > extremely aggressive with the human owner if that person
    > interferes with the cage or the female in any way. Inside of a
    > cage, male quakers are very possessive and are even more
    > possessive when there's a female around. Sometimes, a person
    > can't even put their hand in the cage without getting bitten.
    > Because of their different personalities it's hard to say
    > one sex will get along with another bird of the sex. Sometimes,
    > yes. Sometimes, no. My opinion is that they should be kept in
    > their own cages except for the time they socialize together on
    > playstands during the day. Other people feel differently but
    > dealt with quakers both now and in the past and that's how i've
    > developed my feelings. I have 1 male and 1 female and they have
    > to be kept separate from each other. If they were together, both
    > of their personalities would change drastically. I learned the
    > hard way.-------------Dave

    Hello Dave,
    Well I guess I am learning the hard way as well ,, As Katie and
    Kiwi were untouchable when in the same cage,,, just mean , and
    even mean while on play stand to people as well as themsevles,,
    since the separation.. Kiwi ( male ) is a completly different bird
    that just wants to be loved.. Katie on the other hand is the
    problem child... Oh my! I am sure glad you are familiar with the
    quakers and sure appreciate all you have had to share.. BELIEVE ME
    they will not be residing together EVER again... Oh agian thank