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Posted by Dave on 8/23/06
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    On 8/23/06, Cheri wrote:
    > My Quaker was bit by the female that caged with him,, she
    > bit him bad I have been taking care of it however he has
    > now decided to start eating his area around the bite...
    > does anyone know of anything to put on it to remove the
    > desire to pick at it? thanks

    If the condition worsens as far as the actual wound goes,
    you'll need to have it treated by an avian vet but the one
    thing you shouldn't do is use any type of medicine that
    contains any chemicals. A vet should be the one to name that
    type of item. Right now, you should go to Walmart or any
    pharmacy and pick up an item called Aloe Vera Gel. It's clear
    and makes a good salve on exterior wounds. It has no
    chemicals and if your bird should ingest it, it won't cause
    any internal problems. A little of this ointment on the wound
    and surrounding area every day will ease the itch of a wound
    that's healing. It's soothing and the skin will benefit from
    it. If the wound worsens, see a vet.
    The bottle on the right side is what you should get. Make
    sure the item says ONE HUNDRED PERCENT PURE-----Dave

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