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Re: Help

Posted by Cheri on 8/23/06
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    On 8/23/06, Dave wrote:
    > On 8/23/06, Cheri wrote:
    >> My Quaker was bit by the female that caged with him,, she
    >> bit him bad I have been taking care of it however he has
    >> now decided to start eating his area around the bite...
    >> does anyone know of anything to put on it to remove the
    >> desire to pick at it? thanks
    > If the condition worsens as far as the actual wound goes,
    > you'll need to have it treated by an avian vet but the one
    > thing you shouldn't do is use any type of medicine that
    > contains any chemicals. A vet should be the one to name that
    > type of item. Right now, you should go to Walmart or any
    > pharmacy and pick up an item called Aloe Vera Gel. It's
    > and makes a good salve on exterior wounds. It has no
    > chemicals and if your bird should ingest it, it won't cause
    > any internal problems. A little of this ointment on the
    > and surrounding area every day will ease the itch of a wound
    > that's healing. It's soothing and the skin will benefit from
    > it. If the wound worsens, see a vet.
    > The bottle on the right side is what you should get. Make
    > sure the item says ONE HUNDRED PERCENT PURE-----Dave
    >Thank you very much, I have been using Bag a old
    farmer freind always used that so I thought it would be ok..
    I will go to walmart and get the Aloe,, I also unlike a good
    bird owner just moved to Mt Vernon Skagit Co. and am looking
    for a vet.
    Thanks for your help and suggestions very much appreciated.

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