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Post: To Dave and Linda C.

Posted by Cheri on 10/19/06

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    Update on my male Quaker that was bitten by the female.
    Kiwi has just completed six weeks of being in a form of
    cast and collar.. poor guy.. he has heeled well and this
    week is the first week he has had all gear off.. he has
    started using his toes agian to perch correctly and is
    doing well and Boy is he talking up a storm... thank you
    for all your help when this first occured,, his Doctor
    fell in love with him and we just went and visited her for
    a minute yesterday,
    As far As Katie I placed her in a very loving home i speak
    with her new mom regularly come to find out Katie is a
    soulitary soul ,, Katie is also mean to her other new
    babie blue quaker.. all is well in flock today and just
    wanted to put a thanks out there.. for your help always,
    Much appreciated,

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