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Posted by audrey on 1/07/07
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    On 1/06/07, Tina wrote:
    > Can anyone tell me other than another quaker parrot what
    > cage mate a quaker can have. We have a very young female
    > and she comes from a huge family of birds and is now alone
    > and although she is a very happy and friendly girl she
    > might like a cage mate such as a budgerigard (budgie) or
    > canary????? any knowledgeable suggestions for me please
    > Thanks Tina

    I've seen quakers live peacefully with conures, pionus, and
    cockatiels. The most important thing is to be sure they like
    each other. I think budgies and canaries are much too small
    because quakers can get cage aggressive. Maybe a budgie in a
    cage beside her cage?