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Posted by Dave on 1/07/07
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    On 1/06/07, Tina wrote:
    > Can anyone tell me other than another quaker parrot what
    > cage mate a quaker can have. We have a very young female
    > and she comes from a huge family of birds and is now alone
    > and although she is a very happy and friendly girl she
    > might like a cage mate such as a budgerigard (budgie) or
    > canary????? any knowledgeable suggestions for me please
    > Thanks Tina

    It's not a good idea to put any other bird in a cage with a
    quaker. The reason that she's happy and friendly right now
    is because she's alone and an owner can stay friends with
    the quaker when it's alone. Another bird will only bring out
    the quaker's natural aggressiveness towards you and the
    other bird. The quaker's naturally loudness will only get
    louder. Any training you've done with the quaker will
    diminish. Another bird that's larger than the quaker is sure
    to be attacked. They enjoy injuring larger birds and the
    harm done is usually serious because they don't let go when
    biting. It's something to think about. If you want another
    bird, get one, and put into a cage next to the quaker.
    Quakers are not the type of parrot that needs a cage mate.
    Even if some people have had success in doing that, they're
    definitely in the minority---Dave