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Posted by Tina on 1/07/07
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    On 1/07/07, Dave wrote:
    > On 1/06/07, Tina wrote:
    >> Can anyone tell me other than another quaker parrot what
    >> cage mate a quaker can have. We have a very young female
    >> and she comes from a huge family of birds and is now alone
    >> and although she is a very happy and friendly girl she
    >> might like a cage mate such as a budgerigard (budgie) or
    >> canary????? any knowledgeable suggestions for me please
    >> Thanks Tina
    > It's not a good idea to put any other bird in a cage with a
    > quaker. The reason that she's happy and friendly right now
    > is because she's alone and an owner can stay friends with
    > the quaker when it's alone. Another bird will only bring out
    > the quaker's natural aggressiveness towards you and the
    > other bird. The quaker's naturally loudness will only get
    > louder. Any training you've done with the quaker will
    > diminish. Another bird that's larger than the quaker is sure
    > to be attacked. They enjoy injuring larger birds and the
    > harm done is usually serious because they don't let go when
    > biting. It's something to think about. If you want another
    > bird, get one, and put into a cage next to the quaker.
    > Quakers are not the type of parrot that needs a cage mate.
    > Even if some people have had success in doing that, they're
    > definitely in the minority---Dave


    Thanks for the feed back - no i do not want another bird as my
    quaker and i are very close and spend alot of quality time
    together and we are great friends and she is very trusting of
    me - i was just wondering if they got lonely and needed a cage
    mate but due to the great feed back i now feel she is happy as
    she is with me and thats all i want for her Thank you so much
    for the great thoughts and ideas and info