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Posted by LindaC in OK on 1/09/07
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    > lol yep this one is only 5 weeks old and boy you know who is boss
    > she is great and loves me to bits and i am not allowed to ignor
    > her and she loves our time together so yep i agree no cage mate
    > for my Duckie
    > Tina

    please tell me this baby is not in a cage full time. they need
    brooder situation and get it here until about 7 weeks old. In the
    cage off and on and always back to brooder for long afternoon nap
    and at night for secure comfy feelings.

    at 5 weeks it would be on 3 feedings a day here with syringe. To me
    quakers can have night time feeding just about forever. My Lilo is
    3 1/2 and has syringe with formula 2 or 3 nights a week. Makes life
    easy when you have to give them meds.

    back later to see what you say about brooder.