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Posted by Tina on 1/09/07
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    On 1/09/07, LindaC in OK wrote:
    >> lol yep this one is only 5 weeks old and boy you know who is boss
    >> she is great and loves me to bits and i am not allowed to ignor
    >> her and she loves our time together so yep i agree no cage mate
    >> for my Duckie
    >> Tina
    > please tell me this baby is not in a cage full time. they need
    > brooder situation and get it here until about 7 weeks old. In the
    > cage off and on and always back to brooder for long afternoon nap
    > and at night for secure comfy feelings.
    > at 5 weeks it would be on 3 feedings a day here with syringe. To me
    > quakers can have night time feeding just about forever. My Lilo is
    > 3 1/2 and has syringe with formula 2 or 3 nights a week. Makes life
    > easy when you have to give them meds.
    > back later to see what you say about brooder.
    > LC

    No way my baby is not always in the cage and sorry she is 5 months old
    now - its my guinea pig that is 5 weeks getting them all confused.
    Duckie my beautiful girl was hand fed 3 times a day when i got her at
    3 months and for a month we really bonded like that then she told me
    enough baby food. But she is only in her cage when i am at work
    otherwise she is out with me. Sorry for the confusion but she is a
    mommies girl and thats fine by me but get all the animals confused.
    She also has one room just for her (made for her) to fly around in and
    get great exercise.

    Thanks for the concern.