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Posted by Tina on 1/10/07
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    On 1/10/07, LindaC in OK wrote:
    > oops on mixing up your kids.
    > no flying here and no roaming for safety sake. I clip 8 feathers on
    > each wing and they must stay put unless transported by me.
    > I am a volunteer for 911parrotalert with lost/found birds and it's
    > enough to break my heart on a daily basis with birds not clipped or
    > feathers grown out just enough.
    > They get wonderful exercise climbing in and around cages and play gym
    > areas plus balanced diets so I don't feel clipping takes anything
    > anything from them.
    > I turned my living room into a bird room with bathtub panneling on the
    > walls. this is Lilos playgym and one of her favorite places to be.
    > She sleeps on top of her cage under her blankie... this is a playing
    > blankie she is under.

    Lilo is so cute looks exactly like my baby (5 month old one lol) Yep i
    slip up with ages all the time so many children and all so cute.

    I firmly believe in clipping wings to my African Grey is clipped but for
    some reason Duckie is so much happier flying around and playing catch with
    me she was very unhappy when i did have her clipped so now they have grown
    back and she is herself but the african grey is a happy camper.

    you have really great photos