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Posted by Connie on 8/14/08
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    That is a bunch of crock! Quakers are just like any other bird
    and enjoy being around other birds. You are absolutely wrong
    about this. I have a quaker that shares a bedroom, all in
    different cages, of course, and they all get along and are
    buddies. I've been training, breeding, having bird pets and
    healing birds for a long time. They all have different
    personalities but one thing for sure is that they love to
    explore and be around other birds. I don't mean to be ugly but
    don't say something that you know nothing about. Connie

    On 8/13/08, sniffer wrote:
    > im not positive but i think that quakers like being by
    > themselves...they should be the only birds in the household.
    > Like i said before im not positive but thats what i think.