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Re: need help with leg band

Posted by LindaC in OK on 4/15/07
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    On 4/13/07, Kelly wrote:
    > Hi. I recently found a quaker parrot in the Columbus, OH
    > area. He has a Red closed leg band that has the initials
    > RTE, (I think for the breeder), then FL (for the state it
    > was hatched, then 103 (I'm not sure what for). Does
    > anyone have any ideas of breeders in Florida that use RTE
    > in their banding? How can I find out? I really just want
    > to know something about this bird and maybe find out how
    > old he/she is. Thanks for all your help!

    I am a volunteer for 911ParrotAllert where we strive to find
    birdies homes. I just know there is someone out there
    heartbroken as I would be. Tell me what date you found him

    thanks much for taking care of him/her.