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Re: need help with leg band

Posted by kellygirl43232 on 4/15/07
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    After handling him a little, the number part of the band says
    102, not 103. I did some research and found the name of a
    breeder in Florida (the initials on the band) named Red Tail
    Express, Inc. I cannot find a number or anything on them. It
    says they only sell parrots to pet stores. I did some
    research on the numbering systems on the leg band, and since
    the last two digits are 02, this means he was probably hatched
    in the year 2002. He was found in Columbus OH on March 26,
    2007. He is a standard green quake parrot who cat call
    whistles. That's all he's said so far, but I've only had him
    for 4 days as I was not the one to find him.