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Re: need help with leg band

Posted by L on 4/17/07
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    You could contact The Quaker Parrot Society, they have a rescue
    group who might be able to help you either by helping to contact
    the breeder or finding a good home for him/her should you not
    want to keep him/her.

    n 4/15/07, kellygirl43232 wrote:
    > OK,
    > After handling him a little, the number part of the band says
    > 102, not 103. I did some research and found the name of a
    > breeder in Florida (the initials on the band) named Red Tail
    > Express, Inc. I cannot find a number or anything on them. It
    > says they only sell parrots to pet stores. I did some
    > research on the numbering systems on the leg band, and since
    > the last two digits are 02, this means he was probably hatched
    > in the year 2002. He was found in Columbus OH on March 26,
    > 2007. He is a standard green quake parrot who cat call
    > whistles. That's all he's said so far, but I've only had him
    > for 4 days as I was not the one to find him.