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Re: need help with leg band

Posted by LindaC in OK on 4/20/07
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    I am so very glad you have this bird Kelly and know another bird mom
    could be heartbroken. If my Lilo got away I would be devastated.
    Don't even want to think of it so I keep her trimmed and inside.

    I was getting all excited with a lost q on 911 in your area but no
    band so that won't work.........

    I sent you an email through this board maybe it got lost in your
    spam mail. Another lady from 911parrotalert has sent you a mail
    also. they need a contact email address and hopefully phone number
    to finish the information.

    ((( Hugs )))


    ps still can't find that breeder info. I looked around regarding
    the RTE and see they got an award so that's good but no phone number
    or contact info. They would have a record of hatching, etc and who
    they sold to. I would anyway. My records are still handy in case
    someone should call someday.