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Re: need help with leg band

Posted by Baxter on 4/29/07
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    Its not really odd at all, if you know much about quakers. Nice
    quarantine period btw, if you've only had him a few days and
    exposing him to your current fid.

    > OH I fully intend on keeping him. I have a quaker already named
    > Nacho who is a very skilled talker. I've already bought him like
    > this really nice cage. Nacho is jealous cause his cage isn't even
    > that big. I thought they would be friends, but they really won't
    > acknowledge one another, it's kind of odd. I know birds take
    > time to adjust to change though. I just would like to know
    > something about the bird, or find the owners, cause I'm sure they
    > miss their baby.