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Re: Help! My First Quaker Babies!

Posted by Lora on 5/09/07
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    In my exp. with smaller birds (they usually have several
    babies) I have always pulled atleast the younger ones, if I
    couldn't I would either feed them and put them back in the
    nest or let a friend handfeed them. And if I notice feather
    loss(they want to go back to "nesting") or anything else I
    would pull them all.
    The trick to hand feeding is take you time, no need to push
    the food down thier throat, take it easy they will take it as
    they need it. And TEMP, get a thermometer or use a candy one.
    A burnt crop is a lot of money to fix.
    What state (just post state) are you in? If you need help
    maybe I know someone. Also you can get hand feed suringes at
    a pet store, for a baby go the CVS/walgreens etc and ask for
    10 mil one. (they have them for liquid meds, they may even
    give you one they give out with liquid meds (though they
    aren't that much)
    All this is from my raising babies I am not an expert, this
    is just what I learned

    Good Luck Please post maybe I can help!