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Re: Help! My First Quaker Babies!

Posted by Evelyn on 5/10/07
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    On 5/09/07, Lora wrote:
    > If these are the first babies your birds have ever had? then
    > either watch them or pull them. Can you hand feed? I cannot
    > believe no one answered you!!! So freakin sad a baby had to
    > die.
    > If you cannot hand feed, then find someone locally that can
    > or learn. Its not that hard, you just have to becareful with
    > temp and controlling the way you feed them.
    > Personally, I would pull the younger ones, and if there is
    > any eggs left pull them too. Five is plenty, well, four now.
    > More to follow

    I have 3 years of hand feeding experience. I have even fed baby
    Quakers (not mine). I just don't know what to expect from
    Quaker first time parents. If I had known they weren't going to
    feed the youngest, I would have pulled him and let him take his
    chances with me. I just wasn't sure if they would kill the rest
    of the babies if I removed one. So far, so good. They are
    continuing to feed the 4 other babies. I just hold my breath
    every time I look in the nest box. Don't want to find another
    dead baby!