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Re: Hi Evelyn.

Posted by Evelyn on 5/10/07
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    On 5/10/07, LindaC in OK wrote:
    > Sadly there is no way to know if parents will feed babys.
    > a bit of background first... I designed and had built a wonderful
    > inside/outside aviary not knowing I would soon have health
    > issues. I turned it over to my daughter 2 years ago. She is busy
    > packing to move so I (Nana) get to feed spring babys.
    > Normally I pull all babys at 10 days old. There is one pair of
    > quakers (blue male/split to blue/female) that do not always feed
    > babys and I knew this when I got them. Usually they will feed 2
    > and we know to pull others after that as they hatch. This time we
    > chose to pull all babys shortly after hatching. I've been feeding
    > 3 around the clock for what seems like weeks ( *yawn* ). The 4th
    > and last egg of this clutch was due to hatch yesterday and this
    > morning did have the inside starting of cracking but my daughter
    > and I decided to not take a chance and I brought it inside. Long
    > story short I did a partial assist. Baby is now kicking up a
    > storm. In about an hour I will give it some diluted formula and
    > it will soon catch up with others being fed every 1 1/2 to 2 hours.
    > If you feel comfortable leaving your four that's good. Many
    > judgement calls for us to make.
    > I will try to check in more often but we just never know with
    > weather and now with me feeding babys. Oh by the way these 4 all
    > have white down. They could be blue or green/split to blue.
    > Next clutch is 7 green quakers but thankfully the parents feed
    > well. 2 nest boxes of tiel eggs going also to be pull at 10 days
    > old. busy busy time.
    > Wishing you much success,
    > LindaC

    Today I found another dead baby. It was the second oldest chick.
    (One week old today.) It had a full crop, and was not immaciated.
    It didn't have a mark on it, so I don't think the parents killed
    it. Maybe it choked or aspirated?

    Anyway, I pulled the remaining three babies. The oldest is 8 days
    old today. This was the parent's first clutch, so perhaps they will
    do better the second time around. I'm heading for bed and will be
    up in two hours to feed again! (Also pulled a newly hatched chick
    from another pair w/three older babies... I thought it may have a
    better chance with me.)