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Re: Hi Evelyn.

Posted by LindaC in OK on 5/11/07
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    There you made your judgement call on the first pair. No way to know
    of course what caused the death of this one week old baby. So sorry

    Second pair could well have fed the entire clutch but you made your
    decision. I know you feel skeptical about this right now.

    I am so thankful this next clutch to start hatching the parents do
    feed well. There are 7 fertile eggs there. I don't think I could do
    another clutch of round the clock feedings. Getting too old for this
    stuff plus my health issues with COPD.

    I am a firm believer in a probiotic in one feeding a day and it's
    usually GSE or ACV (not even sure if that pertains but it works) but
    next feeding I am giving the 4 babys some pureed papaya. I do this as
    a preventative to crop problems.

    Here's the 4 little white down q babys I am handfeeding now. It will
    be up to a couple of weeks before I know if they are blue or
    green/split to blue. ~~~~~~~~~ and the tension mounts. hahaha

    Good luck to you Evelyn.