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Re: Hi Evelyn. to LindaC

Posted by LindaC in OK on 5/14/07
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    Papaya is acidic and helps clear the crop 'sometimes' when slow. I would
    only use it in formula now and then.

    When I use GSE it is only for 1 formula feeding a day because it eats up
    the good bacteria along with the bad so it can't be used more than that.
    If a day goes by without using it that's okay too. clik on the link to see
    uses and ratio.

    I don't use GSE for cleaning cages but I have used a couple drops in
    veggie cleaning. For cleaning cages I stay with my 1/2 white vinegar/1/2
    water always handy in spray bottles.

    ACV I give to adult birds once a month. 5 drops in 8 oz of drinking water
    just for one day. When nest boxes go up early spring I give the parents
    to be that ratio for 3 days straight to help flush out any minor
    bacteria. I might give it again for one day just before babys hatch.

    time to feed these little q babys. fun fun

    ((( )))


    ps This next I posted on another group to a lady with a friends baby that
    had air in the crop. Maybe you can get some good from it. No avian vet in
    her area. sadly the baby didn't make it.
    This could be a bacteria passed on by parents. If parents 'are' still
    feeding other babys I would give them 2 or 3 drops of apple cider vinegar
    in 8 oz of drinking water for 3 days.

    If the parents 'are not' feeding babys I would give them 5 drops of acv in
    8 oz of water for 3 days. Either way do this 1 day a month to help flush
    out any minor bacteria as a preventative.

    IF this baby and others were being hand fed could be temp of formula not
    consistent. I feed at 105/107. I heat water in the microwave for 25
    seconds in a glass measuring cup to about 109 .. by the time I mix it
    with formula it is down to feeding temp. Microwaves are all different on
    timing. If too cool can cause crop problems. If too hot babys will get
    crop burn. I check 'each' time with a meat thermometer. I truly never
    guess or just check with a finger or on my wrist. (I did it as an
    experiment one time and water was 120) That's pretty scarey.

    Could be the formula was too thick. This too will cause crop problems.

    Washing feeding syringe with hot soapy water and rinsing well each time
    helps also as it does to do with any hygiene issue.

    Formula temp and body temp of babys work together to help digestion.
    Brooder for a 10 day onward would be 82/85 if the house is about 72. (I
    don't have my a/c's going yet and today is in the mid 80's so I turned off
    the heating pad for the afternoon. Will turn it on again soon)

    ~clik here~