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Re: Hi Evelyn. to LindaC

Posted by LindaC in OK on 5/14/07
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    trust me it is never a bother to answer questions.

    I put 1/2 teaspoon of thawed mashed papaya in the formula the one day.
    Normally I would use probiotic in a tube from the vets and that is once a day
    and about 1/4 teaspoon of that.

    The papaya is on hand in case a baby should get slow crop and I wouldn't want
    to use it often just to be giving them something.

    With your babys 4 weeks old they could be nibbeling on all sorts of healthy
    veggies in a weaning cage. I put them in a weaning cage just a few minutes at
    first then back to brooder and back and forth staying a bit longer in the
    caged now and then. They always go back to brooder for long afternoon nap and
    at night until they are about 7 weeks old. I give them millet spray in the
    brooder for something to nibble on and paper plate of other foods in the

    The quaker babys in photo were about 6 weeks old. No matter how much good
    foods they ate I never forced weaning. Quakers will have a syringe at night
    forever but considered weaned around 10/12 weeks old. My Lilo will soon be 4
    years old and has formula 2 or 3 times a week as a night time comfort food
    from the syringe. She says 'yummy' in a very excited voice when she sees it

    Oh and the newspaper is on the cage grating so tootsies don't get hurt. I
    move it over a bit at a time as they get use to walking on the grating. It's
    all part of progress.

    Time to feed the wee ones and get some sleep myself.

    Hope all is well with you.