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Re: Help! My First Quaker Babies!

Posted by Evelyn on 5/28/07
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    The babies are all for sale. Both blue ones are already
    spoken for, but I have 3 green split to blue available for
    $200.00, hand fed and weaned.

    On 5/27/07, Jen wrote:
    > On 5/09/07, Evelyn wrote:
    >> One of my Quaker pairs have 5 babies in the nest. Will
    >> they continue to feed them all, or should I pull a
    >> couple? Can I pull one or two babies, or should all the
    >> babies be pulled at once?
    >> Thanks
    > First off i can't help you with what to do as far as
    > them but i was wondering if you have any for sale? I am
    > looking for one but i want one strictly from a breeder not a
    > pet store. If so how much were you looking to sell them for
    > and when would they be able to go to homes?
    > thanks
    > jen