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Post: Looking for hanfed female quaker parrot. (male acceptable)

Posted by Sarah on 7/16/07

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    Hey, I am looking to buy a quaker that just got off of
    hanfeeding. I'm mainly leaning toward female, but I am
    open for males to. I will not look at any that are still
    on handfeeding unless it is possible for you to finish
    handfeeding them for me. (two bad experiences with
    handfeeding.=< ) I am mainly looking for someone who is
    located somewhere near Arlington tx. (also acceptable,
    mansfeild, fortworth, ect.) They must be tame with no need
    for glove handling. E-mail me if your birds fit this
    discription. Give me your phone number if possible, and if
    I am interested, I will give you a call or E-mail you
    back, thanks very much, ~Sarah~

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