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Re: Mutation Question Here is a pic

Posted by Evelyn, WV on 7/20/07
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    On 7/20/07, Evelyn, WV wrote:
    > I have a Split to Blue hen with a Blue split to Dark Eyed
    > Cinnamon male. Their first clutch were 5 green babies,
    > but the second clutch have 3 green and 2 blue babies. The
    > babies are just beginning to get their pin feathers in.
    > blue babies are different from my other pair's blue
    > babies. Can anyone tell me what mutation they would be?
    > Are they Cinnamon Blue? I don't have pics yet, but will
    > post some later as they feather out more. Thanks, Evelyn

    Here is a pic I just took outside w/out flash. They may not
    have enough feathers in yet to tell the mutation.