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Re: Here is a pic / awesome babys

Posted by Evelyn, WV on 7/21/07
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    Hi LindaC,

    I've put a few inquiries out and from the responses so far, I
    feel pretty sure that my babies are "pallid". Isn't that neat?
    It's a sex-linked mutation, so they are both girls!

    I'll post another pic when they've feathered out more. Can't
    wait to see them with more feathers! HA!

    Thanks for sharing your pic... Your babies are beautiful!


    On 7/20/07, LindaC in OK wrote:
    > pretty sure the term would be *blue, split to cinnamon*. Gosh
    > they are beautiful.
    > The greens are split to blue, split to cinnamon.
    > congratulations Evelyn :-)
    > babys I am hand feeding are 5 green from one nest box and 3
    > blue from another. They are wonderful babys. Oldest is 2 1/2
    > months. They truly love their bath container which is a glass
    > pie plate I put on top of the cage. Or rather I put 2. fun
    > fun but not until they are about 5 weeks old do I start
    > baths.