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Re: Quakers good as first parrot?

Posted by Doe on 10/23/07
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    On 8/08/07, Courtney wrote:
    > Recently our local bird store (a lady breeds birds and
    > opened a store that she sells cages and accessories from
    > and the occasional bird when she breeds hers) has gotten a
    > quaker and I am looking for a smaller sized parrot as my
    > first parrot. I have owned a cockatiel before but I made
    > the mistake of getting him from the pet store and he was
    > TERRIFIED of people and would lash out at the cage if you
    > walked by. I am looking for a parrot that will cuddle with
    > me and will just become my best birdy friend. Would you
    > suggest a quaker? This one was hand-fed and is already
    > handtamed and worked with daily by the owner.

    Dear Courtney, 10/23/2007
    I have had birds for 20 years. My first was a Red Lored
    Amazon "Haji", then 2 years later an Umbrella
    Cockatoo "Coco", then several Budgies, a Blue Front
    Amazon "Gator" and about a year ago a Green Quaker "Kiwi"
    and a few weeks ago 2 more Quakers {babies} a Blue "Berry"
    and a Cinnamon "Spice". I could never imagine the
    intelligence and affection of this little Quaker "Kiwi". He
    now steps up on my finger. At night I watch tv while laying
    down and he snuggles up to my chin and preens himself and
    falls asleep on me. Too cute! He is great! I reccomend a
    Quaker especially if you have time to spend with him/her.
    Mine like to be out of their cages. I am working with the 2
    babies and they are rascally but I see some of the same
    traits that "Kiwi" had at that time. They are cute and
    cuddly too, just a little full of energy right now. So I let
    them explore while I sit there at my desk and supervise. I
    divide my attention up among all the birds. I just read
    someone saying "you can never have too many birds". Not to
    contradict them and to each his own but I think I have a
    full house. Any more and I would not be able to give them
    all some attention. Because the more time you spend w/ each
    bird {any pet}, the more it will be like you want. When I
    think "Kiwi" needs to poop {for example} I hold him over a
    newspaper and say "poop". Because he is usually due to poop,
    he will. Then I praise him and pet him and put him back on
    me.This eliminates 99% of poop on me. Often times when you
    want to train a pet to do something, you have to catch them
    doing it and praise them right there for it. Anyway, YES if
    you have the time and NOT a small cage so when you're away
    he/she can walk around and play with toys, bathe, etc. Good
    Luck. Let me know. What happened to your Cockatiel?