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Re: Quakers good as first parrot?

Posted by Dave on 8/08/07
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    On 8/08/07, Courtney wrote:
    > Recently our local bird store (a lady breeds birds and
    > opened a store that she sells cages and accessories from
    > and the occasional bird when she breeds hers) has gotten a
    > quaker and I am looking for a smaller sized parrot as my
    > first parrot. I have owned a cockatiel before but I made
    > the mistake of getting him from the pet store and he was
    > TERRIFIED of people and would lash out at the cage if you
    > walked by. I am looking for a parrot that will cuddle with
    > me and will just become my best birdy friend. Would you
    > suggest a quaker? This one was hand-fed and is already
    > handtamed and worked with daily by the owner.

    If the quaker is still very young then it would be a fine
    parrot to get. Just don't get another one and keep them
    together. The noise will drive you out of the house. Give
    the quaker lots of attention and it will be extremely
    affectionate especially when out of the cage. In the cage,
    they are known to be territorial but otherwise, it's a cool
    bird to get----Dave