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Post: Re: Feather plucking

Posted by Doe on 10/23/07

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    Dear Sarah and Karen,
    I have 3 Quakers: a Green "Kiwi", a Blue "Berry", and
    a Cinnamon "Spice".I also have a Blue Front Amazon "Gator"
    and an Umbrella Cockatoo "Coco". I do not {Thank God} have
    a feather plucking problem but I read one of the replies
    you got about trying to cut down on seeds.When I got my
    Cockatoo, 18 years ago, she was, allegedly, abused and
    ONLY ate Sunflower seeds. It took me 2 years to break
    this. I first put the seeds in applesauce, so she had to
    go into it to get the seeds out. She aquired the taste for
    it.Next I cooked a sweet potato and mashed it up. This
    became her favorite food. Obviously I tried the first
    scenario for quite a while. Now she eats mixed cooked
    {frozen} veggies, pasta {cooked and uncooked spaghetti},
    mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, bananas, etc.,etc.In case
    you or anyone reading this has a too much or ONLY seed
    problem. I also shower with them daily and let them out of
    their cages as often as I can, hours daily usually. I
    often watch tv with "Kiwi". He will snuggle up to my chin
    and fall asleep. Who wants to spend their life in a
    cage??? Good luck...

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