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Re: Lost Quaker

Posted by bilzarkz on 2/24/08
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    They probably came and broke him out. I was goin to asked if
    you have checked the entire house, but seeing as its been
    since November, you'd have found him by now. Did he ever
    come home?
    Just another example of why they need their wings
    clipped. Good luck.
    Mine lets himself out and then tries to hide from me.
    Luckily for me he thinks he's hiding by buring his head, but
    the rest of his body is in full view.

    On 11/22/07, Maggi wrote:
    > We have lost our Quaker Pistachio (Fort Worth Zoo Area,
    > Fort Worth, Texas) ... he managed to get out of his cage
    > and the gal that cleans are house was unaware and he got
    > out the door. We have posted fliers, put the cage outside
    > and leveraged the internet to find him.
    > My question is ... there is a ferol flock of Quakers
    > probably 3 miles from our house ... what is the likelihood
    > that he has been able to find them?
    > Maggi